Welcoming Vicar Liz Koerner



I am excited to work with my third pastoral intern who starts with our congregation in July 2018.

Vicar Liz Koerner, from New Britain, Connecticut, is a seminary student at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  Liz is a graduate of Thiel College ( a Lutheran College) in Greenville, Pennsylvania. She shares she is excited about her journey toward ordained ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and looking forward to her year-long internship in Muscatine.

She loves to craft, read, hanging out with her friends, and LOVES tie-dyed and rainbow and the combination of the two!


Photos from 2018 Garden of Eatin’ Blessing

As an act of worship on Sunday, May 6th, we blessed our “Garden of Eatin’ and prayed for all who are hungry and go without substance. This ministry has turned out to be a rather remarkable outreach opportunity for the congregation with many neighbors who pass by offering a sincere sense of gratitude and appreciation for our efforts.


“It actually looks like someone cares,” quoting a neighbor who walked by.

The entire harvest is taken to the local food pantry for distribution. The pantry manager informs us that nothing is ever left from our vegetable donation at the end of the day. Most people take the variety of vegetables that contribute.

Crops selected are based on the market at the food pantry. We have three types of lettuce, beans, several varieties of peppers,  many varieties of tomatoes, kale, carrots, onions, radishes.

Saying Good-bye to Pastor Kyle Seibert​

Rev. Kyle Seibert, my second pastoral intern, was ordained to the ministry of Word and Sacrament on Tuesday, March 20th at Zion Lutheran Church in Muscatine. Kyle spent fifteen months with the congregation has he completed his required pastoral internship.

Pastor Seibert received a call to serve Our Savior Lutheran Church and Campus Ministry in Hanover, New Hampshire. 

We relished accompanying him in his ministry formation and know he will be a transformational, missional leader!

Garden of Eatin’ Blessing on Rogation Sunday

Rogation Sunday is an ancient Christian observance dating back to around 470A.D. in which farmers blessed the fields and crops for feeding.

Rogation Sunday has an interesting history in the life of the Church.  It started as a Roman pagan ritual in which a dog was sacrificed as an offering for the blessing of the crops.

Instead of offering up a dog as a sacrifice,  Zion Lutheran Church dedicated our Community Vegetable Garden, “The Garden of Eatin’” on Rogation Sunday (April 23, 2017).


Members and friends of Zion Lutheran Church in Muscatine make their way to the garden dedication.  The garden is located at the corner of Sycamore St. and 6th St. It is adjacent to Zion Lutheran Church at 513 Sycamore St. near downtown Muscatine. 

The harvested produce is given to the Muscatine Community Food Pantry and is distributed to those who come to the pantry as a way to encourage healthy eating and an easy way to gain access to fresh produce.

The garden ministry was launched in 2016 when we received a grant from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America World Hunger program.   The grant was used to purchase seeds, wood and supplies to build garden boxes, as well as to offset the cost of water and other needed accessories.

Varieties of vegetables in this year’s garden include carrots, lettuce, kail, onions, green beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers, and tomatoes.

We are planning to build a fence on the property and will include small boxes on the wall for herb gardens.

This has been a blessing to our congregation as our neighbors enjoy visiting with us about the garden and engage us in conversation about our ministry in Muscatine.

The garden is one of many ministries through our Social Ministry Committee and is cared for by different families rotating throughout the summer who volunteer to pull weeds, harvest the produce, and water the crops.