Pastor of the Day at the Iowa State Senate​

On Tuesday, March 20th, I lead the Iowa State Senate in prayer at the start of the forty-second session day of 2018. I received an invitation and was the guest of Senator Mark Lofgren.


Iowa State Senate Chamber with Senator Mark Lofgren. I am joined by wife, Karen Landahl, and daughters – Analise, Linnea, and Norah. 


My wife, Karen Landahl, along with our three girls were able to join me for the day at the capitol. We enjoyed the visit and are thankful for the opportunity to pray with the senators.



A quick visit to the office of Governor Kim Reynolds at the state capitol in Des Moines. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet with Gov. Reynolds.


My prayer:

Almighty God, bless your servants gathered here today at the Iowa State Senate as they serve Iowans this day and every day.  We pray your Holy Spirit will guide and grant understanding as bill are discussed and votes cast. We pray for and trust in your Holy compassion as our state leaders’ considered issues affecting Iowans.

We ask for you to bless us with the love of your servant Son, as we seek to find meaning ways to make life better for all especially the most vulnerable.  Holy One, assist our Senators in using their authority to serve faithfully and promote justice.

We pray that in times of opportunity, make us a diligent people; and in times of peril, let not our courage fail as we step out in faith, trusting in your guidance. Bless our state with honesty, truth, and integrity. And Mighty Lord, let us always remember the generations who will come after us as we discern your preferred future for our state.

Ageless One, as we look toward Easter, gather us closer to you.  Remind us that we are a loved and forgiven people—and that no one is ever beyond your grace.

We give you thanks for Jesus Christ and ask that this assembly may always know a Holy presence.  We offer our prayers through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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