So Long … (For Now)… San Miguel

It was tough for all of us to say goodbye to San Miguel de Allende.  After a month of learning Spanish verbs and to converse in Spanish, it was time to say ‘Hasta luego’  because we would love to have more time in this beautiful place!

We left San Miguel via Leon to Chicago on July 10th where we stayed the night at Karen’s parents and then left for North Carolina on the 11th for the Wild Goose Festival.

While there is a lot to miss, I think what I actually enjoyed was that I was just a person like everyone else.  My identity in “the States” didn’t matter. No one cares.  Who I was, was not as important to who I am in the present.  No one was impressed by titles or occupations.  I felt like I had a fresh start at something new.  I was a blank canvas, or in a word -free from the labels and baggage of my native culture.   I felt human!

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