Arrival in San Miguel de Allende

We arrived in San Miguel de Allende (SMA) with little issues on Monday, June 12th.  After departing from Chicago, we arrived in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico around 4:30 and subsequent hour-and-a-half road travel to San Miguel.

Check out more on San Miguel de Allende.  I don’t think Santa Fe, New Mexico has the same number of artists and art cooperatives as SMA.  SMA is a unique place with traditional Mexican culture, historical colonial roots, retired North Americans, and artists.  It kinda reminds me of an old school Austin, Texas before all the high tech came to town.

Our apartment is perfect.  A quaint, artistic three bedroom with a roof deck with a view of the cathedral.

Within twenty four hours of our arrival, we have accomplished much including: find our bearings, enrolling our girls in school, finding my (and Karen’s) language school, find a taxi to the supermarket, eating dinner at a local place, interacting with the locals, and finding time this afternoon for siesta.

Not much happens from 2-4P.M.  I can totally understand with the beating sun!





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